Top 5 Favorite West Houston Restaurants

Top 5 Favorite West Houston Restaurants

I was in my hotel room, reclining against my Ola Bola thinking about what to eat for dinner in West Houston when I realized: there are so many great choices here! So I decided to share a short list of my personal favorites.

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What's the Buzz About West Houston's Food Scene?

When it comes to dining out in West Houston, you're in for a treat! These neighborhoods are home to some of the most mouthwatering restaurants in the city. I come to Houston frequently for work and to see family, and these are my favorite go-to's.

1. Tex Mex: Ninfa's

Often credited as a pioneer in the proliferation of the Tex-Mex food scene, Ninfa's is a delicious Houston staple. A two-time winner of the James Beard Award, Ninfa's has been delighting diner palettes since 1973. I've been here more times than I can count, and everything has always been delicious. I highly recommend the fajitas. To channel Snoop Dogg: Sizzle sizzle my nizzle.

Sizzling steak fajitas from Ninfa's Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston, Texas

2. Seafood: La Marisquera Ostioneria

If you're a seafood lover, La Marisquera Ostionera is a must-visit. This seafood joint serves up the freshest catches from the Gulf Coast, prepared with a Tex-Mex twist. Their octopus is grilled to perfection over onions that melt like butter. Order any of their parrilladas, even if it's just you. Do it. Trust me.

Grilled octopus from La Marisquera Ostioneria restaurant in Houston, Texas

3. Italian: Bacaro Kitchen

Craving a taste of Italy? Head over to Bacaro Kitchen, where you'll find deicious pasta dishes in an unpretentious atmosphere. From the decadent spaghetti carbonara to creamy risotto, everything on this menu will delight you, right down to the bread and whipped butter. Their wine menu is solid, so don't forget to pair your meal with a glass of something to up your dining experience.

Seafood pasta dish with a glass of white wine from Bacaro Italian Kitchen in Houston, Texas

4. Persian: Cafè Caspian

I never knew I could enjoy rice as much as I do at Café Caspian. With a menu that delights meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, Caspian Café offers classic Persian dishes that are so delectable it's not surprising they have withstood the test of time. I cannot recommend the rices and skewers enough, as well as the loobyeh stew.

An assortment of Persian dishes from Cafe Caspian in West Houston, ranging from rices to skewers to stews

5. Venezuelan: Pastelito's Café

Whether it's a café vibe you're looking for to check some email or a familiy breakfast, Pastelito's is the place for you. The service is friendly and the arepas are juicy and flavorful. They serve traditional Venezuelan dishes (including the coffee!) with a smile.

A large Venezuelan arepa from Pastelito's Cafe in West Houston.

These are my five go-tos, but whatever cuisine you're in the mood for, West Houston has got you covered. Bon appétit!

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