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Ola Bola

University Collection

University Collection

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It's that time again, and what better way to kick off the year than with some Ola Bolas to match your school spirit? Recline on one as you check another book off the syllabus list, or bring one to student lawn seating at a football game for added comfort.

Dimensions: 16in x 14in x 12in. Fits under airplane seat as a personal item.

Weight: Total weight 1.5 lb. Outer layer alone weighs 2 oz.

Outer Layer Features: Ola Bola's outer layer is interchangeable with different colors, water-resistant, and machine-washable in cold water with like colors. It features a sturdy adjustable strap to carry Ola Bola with ease, and a zippered compartment to keep essentials like keys, wallet, phone, tablet, and even a towel.

Inner Layer: Inner layer is filled with a blend of recycled fibers that make compress just enough to keep Ola Bola lightweight and comfortable.

Manufacturing: Sustainably produced in small batches in Peru, assembled in the USA. We don't believe in sweatshops or child labor!

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